Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It’s Wednesday! Ugh. For me, Wednesdays have the same characteristics each week:
1.     Wednesdays seem to bring the most stress at work. I realize on Wednesday how little I’ve actually completed since Monday and how much I need to do before Friday!
2.     Wednesday is the hardest day on which to wake up. I typically get up late! When my alarm goes off at 5am, I literally want to toss it through my window and throw a tantrum. I’ve actually thrown mini tantrums by slamming the snooze button several times and sighing very heavy.  It has never changed the fact that Wednesday still occurs nor has it caught God’s attention to drastically alter His universe to eliminate Wednesday altogether.
3.     Wednesday is always a day I either forgot to defrost meat the night before to cook for dinner or the day I do not want to cook at all, even if I remembered to defrost meat. I hate cooking on Wednesdays. I’m tired!
What is it about Wednesdays that make me want to come home from work, plop myself on the floor, and pass out?  Don’t get me wrong; Wednesday is not the only day I feel this way. However, it does seem to be the day that the feeling is the most intense. I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to prepare anything for the next day, I don’t want to think about emails or meetings I have to schedule or attend...I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to!!!
Wednesday is a day some may consider me a bad mother! I like to put Selah on the floor by herself and put tons of toys in front of her so I can do nothing while she entertains herself with strangers on TV. In fact, I did that today. I feel slightly guilty if it’s a nice day out, thinking I should take my daughter outside to enjoy nature and the world and explore the park and develop a love of the outdoors and yada, yada, yada. Today it rained…it was awesome.
But tomorrow is Thursday and Wednesday will be a week away! I don’t have to think about dinner tonight because I had my husband get us Chic-Fil-A because I “forgot” to defrost meat! Thank you, Jesus, for Chic-Fil-A! Maybe Wednesday isn’t so bad after all!

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