Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"I love..."

I love the way Selah rubs her eyes when she’s tired and how she smooshes her face in her blanket when I put her to bed.

I love her smile when I wake her up in the morning and the way she’ll cuddle on my shoulder because she’s still partially asleep.

I love when she gets me soaked because she likes to splash in the tub during bath time and her excited laugh when she kicks her legs in the water.

I love her lopsided smile and how her hair sticks up in the front.

I love when wind hits her face and it takes her breath away leading to a big grin.

I love when I pick her up after work and her eyes get big and she beams.

I love her little “tootsies” and how she curls her toes when something rubs up against her feet.

I love how she screams and squeals at her stuffed animals and pretends to laugh.

I love when I catch her staring at me and I smile and she chuckles.

I love the smell of the powdered diapers she wears and how the smell of Johnson & Johnson’s stays on her skin after a bath.

I love how she breaks out in a random yelp and gets proud of the noise she’s made.

I love how she stretches and toots in the morning.

I love how she gets a kick out of shaking her rattle and how she finds the tag on every stuffed animal or toy and sucks it.

I love the red spot on her ear and her three little teeth.

I love her giggle when I tickle her chin.

I love motherhood.

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  1. Oh, how I love these things too! There is nothing brighter than when your little girl smiles at you. Thanks for putting these heart-melting moments in writing...the Lord has blessed us greatly!