Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Double Duty Diapers"

Changing diapers can be quite eventful. The worst is when you crack open the dirty diaper, pop the wipes and see empty wipes package. Usually, you want to kill your spouse for not replacing the wipes....or you want to kill yourself because you forgot to replace it on the last diaper change when you told yourself to remember to replace the wipes!

Our lives with Selah and familiarity with poop started from the get go. I’ve written about this in my blog "Baby Poop". As she’s gotten older, double duty diaper changing has become more common. Selah is fascinated with putting her hands on her bottom once a diaper comes off. We all know the feeling…it feels good to give a little scratch on the behind. However, when there is an overloaded diaper, double duty is necessary to avoid contamination. Typically, the one who begins the diaper change realizes the magnitude of the situation and screams for back up. The other (who better be within hearing range) comes running. One parent holds the hands above the head while the other does the dirty work. Mommy usually gets the wiping duty because daddy get’s very confused with all the creases and wrinkles down there and can leave a little to be desired! That’s okay…if we ever have a boy…it’s all daddy.  
Oh how having a child improves your team building as a couple!! I wonder when Selah will be ready for potty training? She can’t walk yet, so I’m thinking it’s too early!! For now, this is all the training she can handle.


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  1. A trick we use is we always have something at the changing station to hand Daniel. When he has something interesting, like the sealed tube of Buttpaste, in his hands he keeps them out of the yuck :)